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Continuation Services (New)

As we are working since two decades and due to the demand of our regular client we have thought of starting of continuation services. This continuation services will be provided to our client only.
To have the advantage of continuation services for our project you can contact us through feedback form available on our website. As we will receive your requirement for continuation services , our assistance will be shortly attend you through phone/mail we assure you that your requirement/problems will be resolve as early as possible.
For using continuation services for particular agencies you can also directly contact to our associates listed on our website in category suppliers/agencies as per your requirement . This continuation and associates services are limited to our regular client only. Also the feedback form feeling on the website will be mandatory for using this services.
We have also introduce the whatsapp group system for our sites for carrying out the project easily and smoothly. We have started conducting at least two seminars i.e. one during the mid of the site and other during the completion of the site. This seminars includes architect , architect staff, all agencies, client and civil supervisors.

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