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    Kirti Sheth.

    Received his Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree from D.Y.Patil Engineering College, Shivaji University of Kolhapur in 1995.He started his career with Dhirubhai patel & Associates as a Junior Architectural Designer. He worked on the projects including residential, commercial, industrial, theatre design.

    He set up his firm Kirti Sheth & Associates and since then the practice has successfully bloomed into a house of integrated and comprehensive design services. The experiences gained from his various ventures outoff, the analysis of the clients’ tastes/interests in the project and his ability to express his designs under budgetary constraints bring out a piece of art which is well appreciated by the respective clients. The practices’ portfolio includes projects ranging from Health Care and Hospitality to Research Laboratories, Auditorium Design, Institutional, Recreational, Educational and Residential architecture

    While his work is often situated in the most breathtaking, but sensitive environmental settings, his interventions were bold and often extreme. Nevertheless his architecture contradictorily did not lead to a domination and submission of its surroundings. This duality explored within the context of a drastically changing world has become one of the main themes in the work of the practice.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is simple and clear , we design our projects in such a manner that our client loves , anticipates and enjoy using the projects to deep of their hearts we not only design our projects aesthetically but we also see it’s practicality ,economically and it’s utilization . We try to use latest local material by local agencies so that the economy of the project is maintained.

    During the execution of the projects we work on the micro levels like finishing by agencies, material usage, time limit completion, well maintained sites and less wastage of the material.

    We use latest techniques and trends for execution of our projects. In these respect we create whatsapp groups for all working agencies, suppliers , supervisors ,architect staffs and clients. We organize 2 seminars with all the above people, 1 at the middle of the site progress and second at the completion of the site. By organizing this type of seminars we get good feedback from our clients, agencies and suppliers.

    Team Members

    Kirti Sheth


    Mohammad Thakor

    Office Coordinater

    Dharmendra Purbia

    Architect (Site Coordinater)

    Jitu Mevada

    3D Modeling

    Kunal Sheth

    Inside Outside Photographer